Thanks to T.J for working with our dogs last night. If anyone is looking for an animal behaviourist then this is your guy.  Huge positive changes with Blue and his fear aggression after just one session of trying to integrate our babies into one household. Roseann Browne

After a ‘behaviourist’ placed doubt in our mind regarding the relationship between our rescued staffie (male,approx. 2 years) and rescued pitbull (female, approx. 2.5 years), we needed help! Having rescues can be a challenge on its own, but having two power breeds makes it that much harder. Well that is all a thing of the past! T.J came to our home and corrected difficulties we experienced within minutes. His love and understanding for dogs is inexplicable! He not only explained their behaviour but he made us aware of our own. He has since had our two over to meet and socialise with his pack and the results have superseded any and all expectations! Our two rescue pups will continue to walk and work with T.J to build their confidence, eradicate their fear and teach us to be the best pack leaders we can be. If you are reading this, my only advise is- ‘here is the person you have been looking for!!’ 

You have to see it to believe it! With Love- Tarren and Kim Miller

T.J helped me with my lock down shelter special. She’s adorable and harmless but was stalking other dogs in the park and then rumbling them. Their owners were angry with me. He showed me how to implement corrective behavior techniques and it’s working! Thanks T.J. Liesa Cinderella

T.J and dogwalkies.co.za through a recommendation. I have an anxious German Shepherd who is not good with smaller dogs. Joined T.J on his pack walk 3 times a week and have seen an amazing transformation in my dog’s behaviour and confidence. Shireen Blochliger


Harvey and Mike (our two labradors) have been going for walks with T.J 3 times a week for the past three months. We had struggled for months to walk them as they were always overly excitable around other dogs and people. This was the best decision we had made for them. T.J played a HUGE role in their transition from walking on leash to free roaming at hiking trails where they are now able to walk without a leash and engage with other dogs. Harvey and Mike arrives home, tired, relaxed and happy and they are ALWAYS excited for their next walk which tells me all I need to know. Thanks T.J, your passion for fur babies is out of this world and I couldn’t recommend you more! Keegan & Nicole Wasserfall


“T.J is the REAL DEAL.. his love and understanding of all dog breeds is immense. His knowledge and ability to tap into a dog’s (& its owner) psyche is unbelievable. T.J is passionate, gentle but firm. We never ever thought our pitXstaffi would be able to integrate with such ease into a pack of dogs( power dogs at that ). He really is the business. Breath of fresh air.. And OMG the fur balls are nuts about him... ” Kerry & Lloyd Friedmann

T.J and his team have become such a special part of our fur babies lives. Amour & La Vie love their adventures, the socialising (after previously being aggressive with other dogs), and all the joyful play. There are two words we can no longer say out loud at home..."TJ and Walkies" as they think it's time to go for more fun! Thank you for caring for them so well. Diane Tate 

T.J is a miracle worker. He transformed my re-homed Husky puppy from a frightened dog that was too scared to walk to a confident, happy, well-behaved dog in a week. Robin Hunt 

T.J is amazing with dogs. After just 3 walks we've already seen a big difference in our little pitty's confidence. Highly recommended. Jeffrey Waller

T.J has really helped us out this last week by taking our dogs in at the last minute while we had contactors in and out of our house to do repairs, they came back from the day care and were so happy and exhausted from all the play time with their new friends. We have always had trouble walking our dogs as they pull and are very reactive but we weren't sure if they were aggressive or not, fortunately they did really well at the day care with the other dogs so we decided to meet and do a walk with T.J and it was extremely informative and has made us see the mistakes we have made in terms of when to give affection and when to discipline our dogs. We are definitely wanting to work with him in the near future and are going to work at being consistent with the advice he has given us. We can't thank you enough and are looking forward to learning more. Grant Arendse 

I live right near Rondebosch common and I have come across T.J and his large walking group a couple of times now. It has always been a positive experience for my dogs, partially my young Ridgeback puppy, who benefits from interacting with a large group of friendly dogs. Straight-away I noticed that T.J has a very firm grasp of dog behavioral dynamics. He was even so kind as to give me some useful tips on how to better manage my ridgeback on a day-to-day basis. I can definitely recommend his services to anyone who is unable to walk their dog on a regular basis, or anyone who has an anxious, highly-strung dog. T.J is a friendly, outgoing person and I will definitely stop and chat to him every time I see him on the Common! Jason Dunbar

I have seen T.J at work and his passion to make a difference in the doggie world is unbelievable. He puts his heart and soul into his business and surpasses any goals he has set out. Watching him do what he loves and watching him make a difference in the dogs lives and their parents is an incredible experience. The way his face lights up when he finally realizes what he has accomplished with one of the dogs is breath taking and I hope that one day all dog walkers will have the same passion and love he has. Terryann Shinindy Rose


I was nearly at breaking point trying to exercise my Great Dane alongside my Schnauzer and Yorky and literally ending up in tears at my lack of strength when I tried to take her out post lockdown. Dog Walkies has saved our lives.The stress of exercising her has been totally alleviated. She waits listening for her lift to arrive and runs off for her outing like an excited child. Shan Hulbert 

Beertjies visit to T.J was more for us as dog parents than it was for my special boy. In just one morning T.J gave us the confidence to teach and guide Beertjie (Boerboel) to be a well adapted and behaved boy. We could instantly see that he understands dogs on an emotional level and he taught us how to anticipate and handle Beertjie's reactions when going for walks and being around other dogs and humans, while on and off a leash. I would recommend him to any pet owner. If you are an owner of a power breed, especially do yourself a favour and visit T.J with your pup/big doggo. He is brilliant!!! Ansi Vermaak


I highly recommend T.J from Dog Walkies we adopted a young Pitbull with so many issues and T.J has been great helping us socialize her with other dogs and people. She's doing much better and she is now more comfortable with dogs and people she has made huge growth in the last two weeks thank you T.J. Keegan Delafield 


I searched far and wide to find just the right person to help our rescue doggo with her aggressive nature towards other dogs, which led us to a very experienced T.J from Dog Walkies! At the end of the very 1st session she was running around and playing with no less than 6 other unfamiliar large dogs. This was something that I had never experienced with her, and imagined a very long arduous journey ahead of us to get to this. T.J's calm and confident presence was super helpful, as well as the way that he talks you through the process as it happens. Highly recommend Dog Walkies! Olivia Russell 

What a great experience taking my 6 month pitbul for socialization and some obedience training. Recommended highly! Thank you T.J for your time and patience. Your Techniques are showing already when needed the most during lock down.  Warique Milford 

I am really impress with TJ and how he handled our Massey, we were left speechless when he got him socialising within 10minutes. We would highly recommend his services and greatful to have our own Ceasar Malan here in Cape Town. We will definitely be there for the dog walks and a couple more sessions. Maryna Odendaal

We were recommended to TJ by a friend after we tried two other dog Behaviourists in Cape Town who were of no help to my two severely anxious Italian greyhounds. After one meeting with him and he had a clear plan and was confident he could help us socialise and train our dogs so they would be easier to walk and not be so scared and aggressive around other dogs. We now use TJ to board our pups when we go away, and also to socialise them with doggy walks when we are unable to. The dogs love him and have even stopped peeing inside with his advice! I wish we had found him sooner! Holly Szymanski

We were so impressed with how T.J helped us with Sydney (our female GSD), who struggles with anxiety/fear and reactivity. He came in with such confidence and experience and understood Sydney like no one has before. Gave simple advice which we are starting to implement. Very excited to get more hands on help from T.J and build our dogs confidence up going forward. Bridget Coetzee

Thank you T.J for looking after our boy so well. He has come home so happy which means the world to us. Thank you for all the pictures and updates while we were away, I know he had the best time with you and your doggies. Duke will be back to visit you for sure. Ingrid Miller

T.J runs an excellent dog walking service. Professional, on time, and takes great care of his hounds. Our dog can’t wait to jump aboard and spend time with T.J and friends. He also provides an awesome dog sitting service. Thanks for taking great care of Rafi! Nik Rabinowitz 

My boy Zeus had the pleasure of spending a month with T.J and the other fur babies. I loved my photos that he sent. Zeus always looked happy and relaxed. I am very grateful to know that Zeus was well looked after. If you need further references please contact me. T.J is highly recommend. Patty Vaughan Fisher

T.J was so kind to stop and help me on the side of the road when my Labrador overheated on a hot day and he provided some needed water for my dog! One could see he's very caring of our fury friends as he showed such compassion for mine who he had never met. I'm sure he's great with all the dogs he cares for thanks again T.J. Helen Stuart


We brought a 1 year old dog to join our home, which already included 2 cats and a 6 month old Labrador. Our new foster was incredibly aggressive with our animals, I struggled to control him and I was afraid for our animals safety. T.J was recommended to us, he arrived and within an hour he already had both dogs under control, calm and actually walking around the house together, something I wouldn't think possible even after weeks. He not only trained the dogs, but myself as well. Two weeks later, both dogs are now best friends and my foster is incredibly loving and obedient, I would never have thought this can be possible. Thanks T.J!!! Taryn Iris Gloyne 



Whether big or small, TJ is absolutely amazing with the dogs. He knows just how to handle a pack, and the care he shows towards each dog on an individual basis is wonderful. Charlie adores his time with TJ. Highly recommended. Natasha Christian 

My two fur babies stayed with T.J for three weeks in December. I can honestly say they were loved, happy, exercised and came back home looking so well looked after. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend T.J. Victoria Bresler 

T.J knows dogs. Excellent at walking and introducing new dogs to the pack. I highly recommend T.J. Michele van der Veer from Adopt A Pet Cape Town

T.J took about 5min to convince me he is the guy to help with our Spencer. The confidence in himself and his dogs was amazing. His advise was simple, clear and came with positive results when implementing them. Spencer will definitely be joining the T.J family for more regular walks to ensure his confidence is what it should be. T.J, thanks for assisting as quickly as you did, and thanks for the amazing results even in our first lesson. T.J is not just a dog trainer, he teaches you to be a better dog person. Phillip Pearce  #youshouldhaveyourowntvshow

Thank you T.J of Dog Walkies. I've had the privilege of T.J coming to my home assisting me with my very aggressive non social pitbull, to see if we could get the dog to make friends with another dog which I rescued. Through T.J's guidance it was clear that the two dogs were not going to be friends and I could accept this and move on. T.J is always on standby to assist via text or to answer my calls when I have issues with my furry babies. He helped me telephonically when my dogs were fighting, Male and female. The incident happened after a unneutered male dog which I also rescued came to play, this dogs' hormones caused havoc and my dogs turned on each other. T.J guided me through this difficult time, and my dogs are still roaming the yard together, the separation didn't have to be permanent. T.J is awesome and knowledgeable his definitely the guy to turn to in any situation.
Much gratitude T.J. Naa'ilah Williams Jumat

After several attempts at calling in dog behaviorists to help and deal with our unpredictable and human aggressive Boerbull/Ridgeback with no results in his behaviour we started giving up and then we discovered T.J a friend of mine told me about this guy that he is the doggy doctor. He was completely outstanding and totally surprised us with the results he has given us in our boy Eddie. He taught us and our boy how to behave, and transformed a potentially dangerous dog into one that we can love and control. His methods are different to those we had previously experienced, and have been 100 percent effective. I can’t recommend T.J highly enough. If you are like us struggling to manage a difficult or aggressive dog - T.J is your man. He works miracles. Kate Gottgens

T.J helped us when rescue Bruno needed a hand. Brilliance and care all in one. Thank you T.J for your amazing commitment to Bruno. Michelle Mish Barnard from Rescue is Life Cape Town 

T.J completely exceeded my expectations!!! I never thought I would see my pit bull and staffie walking in a pack of 12 dogs and that is exactly what I experienced. He has such a powerful and calm presence and all the dogs really respond to him and respect him. My mind is blown and my two fur babies will definitely be joining his pack as often as possible. I had lost confidence in my dogs after a bad experience with introducing a third dog at home but now I know they are good dogs and T.J proved it to me and fully restored my confidence!!! He is an amazing guy that I would recommend for any dog owner. Keesha Kim Davids

I was at the end of my fuse with Archie our beautiful mixed breed rescue, T.J consulted with me telephonically for about an hour, We worked through the problems that we were experiencing with our boy. He gave me practical, simple solutions to what I thought were insurmountable issues. Archie has completely stopped his incessant barking; our neighbours are thankful I'm sure️. Janine De Grill

T.J assisted us on so many levels with my pooch. His constant check ups, guidance and motivation surely got us through a difficult time with our Duke. We will definitely recommend his services to everyone. Be assured that he goes the extra mile. Anansa Jacobs

Thank you T.J so much for the time you spend with Coco and Fudge our Pitbull girls. My girls are attacking each other to the extend where we had to separate them completely from each other they cannot even look at each other then they want to attack. From the moment T.J came into our home he had Fudge at a more calmer state were she wasn't on the attack mode. When Coco was brought in T.J took over and had them both lying opposite each other. He got them to act decently towards each other and showed us how to handle them. This will obviously take a lot of work and courage from our side to do it the way he does but with the pointers he gave us we will definitely get there. He helped us with walking them on a leash next to us. I did not believe it was possible. What a wonderful human being. Thank you so much T.J, we don't know what we would have done without your help. Laura Meissenheimer

T.J has been amazing with Charlie . He is 18 months old and had not been exposed to other dogs !! T.J has been taking Charlie on walks now for a few months . Initially he was on a lead and a bit nervous . After a month Charlie was off the lead and very happy. T.J has a wonderful way with dogs and has made Charlie feel very comfortable even with the pit bulls which I was very nervous about . Charlie can’t wait to go with T.J and he is definitely more comfortable with other dogs thanks T.J. Jo Evans 

T.J is amazing and has been a life-saver! I am making use of a lot of the services offered by www.dogwalkies.co.za. In the beginning, I was struggling to walk my large cross-collie rescue, Nero. He was super hyperactive especially around my cross-terrier who is a quarter of his height. In the beginning T.J did a consultation, and I learnt a lot, especially the excitement levels of Nero and Troody when guests came over. I learnt how to make Nero lie on his bed and enjoy his toy, as well as helping Troody control her urination from all the excitement.The dogs absolutely love going for their walks and doggy day care, they literally wait at the gate for him in the mornings. I also travel a lot and knowing my dogs are comfortable has been such a stress relief. He sends photos of them loving their days and getting walked and cuddled. I am so incredibly grateful for his services and his calm no-nonsense manner with my mischievous boy, Nero and grand lady, Troody. I highly recommend this life-saver! Chrissy Watson  

I would highly recommend T.J. He is great with socializing and giving you tips about your dogs behavior. He has helped me a few times with my boy Spud , who isn't social with other dogs . When I'm away I would only trust him to walk my boy because I know he looks after him and knows how to keep him calm in stressful situations. Amber Jade Crighton from The Dog Walkers

T.J is the second dad to Roxy and Lula my two 18 month old labradors. So much so that when I walk them in Newlands Forest or Keurboom Park they would rather walk with T.J and the other dogs he walks. I either have to join him on another walk or force them to come home with me. They have spent 7 holidays with T.J because of our travels and there are no words to say how grateful I am for his care of Roxy and Lula. Please contact me for references if needed for this awesome special person named T.J. Jill McKune Whitfield

Very helpful for behavoir counselling and extremely reliable. Muhamad Razak 

Had such an insightful and formative walk, my dogs loved it to bits, will definitely be doing it again. Marilyn Maseko

Thanks so much for the time you've put into my furbabies and helping build my confidence in handling their reactivity. 

T.J has been a masterful educator, talented trainer and always simplified all the new tricks to reshaping bad temperaments into positive ones. He was our last hope! And, our fourth attempt at finding behaviourial help since our furbabies had their first altercation in October 2017. Each altercation got worse, and, each vet visit more expensive, and each change – obviously, time-consuming. Now 2 years on, seeking additional help, we had to make a decision to try one last time to keep them or rehome one of our babies. Zizi and Phoebe are both female rescues from African Tails. As with most rescues, we guesstimate their breed and condition especially as pups. We've even gone as far as putting them on schedule 5 drugs; what an awful feeling as a dog-mommy. As a farm girl, who grew up with dogs who 'just do their thing', there's definitely a different etiquette navigating dogs in the city. The hardwork is not over, but there's definitely a Leader-shift from the dogs thinking they're boss to mommy being boss. After 3 months of utilising 1-on-1 training, walkies and boarding, they're home in the same space without muzzle or being on-lead in the house. My confidence has boosted to ensure I can take them to new places, and handling them in a positive way for both them, other dogs and other owners. It's also been advantageous to walk with his pack of dogs, as the exercise helps them not only see each other, but interact with other doggo's learning from them. Thanks from a grateful fur-mama! Stephanie Loy

I definitely recommend T.J! He clearly has a gift with the way he handles/understands dogs with issues. Our female dog can be aggressive towards other dogs as well as people.. It's a complex one and T.J has an aura that immediately had her responding to him. And not out of fear, but the fact that he is sure of himself and confident, he also knows exactly what they react to and not. That alone shows a lot. We had our dog off lead in the forest along with his pack. We still have a long way to go but I'm looking forward to our next session. Thanks T.J! Lauren Van Vuuren from African Tails

Professional service, great knowledge and a love for all furkids. T.J came out to my house to help with all my furkids and he gave some amazing advise. He gave me great tips and tricks to help my dogs be well adjusted, happy dogs. Myra Blom

I would recommend Theo any day! He took my male dog in for rehabilitation without a second thought after he had mauled my female. This came as a shock as it has never happened to me before. Theo's attention to detail, incredible understanding of dog behavior and calm nature got my boy back in no time. We are currently working with my female to bring her confidence back. He took her in for 3 days and there is already a massive change in her.  They are both power breeds which makes these situations a lot harder to handle. I learned so much about my dogs on just one walk with him. My heart is happy and so are my doggos. They are back to being besties!Thank you Theo! We couldn't have done this without you. Sasha Lee Solomon

My dog loves the care and walks with T.J. Their services are professional and very caring. Jaxon has been with T.J since she was a puppy, he has trained and socialised her very well. Rushdia Omar

Before T.J came into Gibson's life, he was a insecure mix breed German Shepherd shelter dog who barked at anything and everyone walking by and even those within 300m of him. Walking Gibson was a nightmare which was stressful for both him and us (my husband and I). We eventually walked him at odd hours of the evening just to avoid the crowds and other fur babies. A friend then recommended T.J and his dog services and boy oh boy he is the dog whisperer. We were sceptical leaving our fur baby with a stranger but after reading the many good reviews and the personal recommendation we decided to take the plunge. Throughout the time Gibson joined T.J at his doggy day care, we were noticeably aware of the positive changes in Gibson. The first change we got excited about was seeing how confident Gibson was becoming and his insecurities were slowly subsiding. We noticed his playful side; we discovered Gibson was one of those annoying friends which we all have but love; he no longer barks at every single dog or person walking by; he no longer cries or jumps on us when we he is scared and best of all he is happy and walking him is such a delight. After many many visits to various dog behaviourlist, we were told it would take months and we wouldn't beable to rectify the behavior but rather manage it better. We can confidently say that they made inaccurate validations. T.J, we are so grateful for your patience with us (lol because we needed training too) and for showing us how to be better fur parents. We look forward to all the walks Gibson will take with his new found fur friends which he met at your doggy day care. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Best, Rynard and Kim

"We have been using Dog Walkies for years. Dogs are assigned to a walking group that’s best suited to their personalities and temperaments. Our Basset Hound eagerly awaits the doorbell each day and can’t wait to join her furry friends in the back of the van.

In the past the best we could do for her was to walk her around the streets at night - now she benefits from regular interaction with other dogs while spending time in the many beautiful parks in our area.

T.J is knowledgeable on all breeds of dogs, particularly with regards to their socialisation and exercise requirements and we can recommended Dog Walkies without hesitation" Michael Robertson 

My furkids are my kids. They are so precious to us but they are far from perfect. In a moment of need we called T.J, he made an appointment at soonest and my kids took to him immediately. He had a good approach to them (and to us) and since his intervention we have had better walkies. Also the daycare has been amazing and T.J is available and understanding and extremely helpful. Would I recommend him, a thousand times YES. Abigail Claassens

My girlfriend and I have a one year old pit bull who loves dogs and people but his over excited nature mixed with some anxiety makes it difficult for him to make friends and we felt like we had no hope in helping our pup. T.J within 10 minutes had our pup quiet and calm and then playing with several of his dogs no problem. There was such an instant change in character and he became the happy pup we know he is, T.J showed us such simple ways to asses his behavior and correct it , I can’t put into words how grateful we are for T.J’s help, and our pup had the greatest day making tons of friends. if you are in need of help with your dog for whatever reason I will recommend T.J 100% he is extremely affordable too, we will continue to support T.J and our pup is now going to be boarding plus visiting weekly purely because of how great the results were and how much fun he had. T.J loves his job and the dogs no one better in my opinion!

Jamie Van Niekerk

I have two dogs - a miniature (she thinks shes a human) and a giant schnauzer. Whenever we went away I would get a house sitter and although they have been good I have had problems where I had piles of dishes when I got back home, I got tired of making beds and Bubbles my one dog sometimes would cry when She felt she did not get enough attention (always fun getting neighbours calling while we are on holiday) I have seen T.J walking the dogs in the park and you could see he loves them so much. I asked him about boarding my two and he fetched and droped my two dogs at my house after boarding by his daycare. They have always been ecstatic to see him and whenever they get back they are well adjusted. Which I think is a good sign that they are very happy to go. They have now stayed with T.J two times. I will definitely let my dogs stay by T.J everytime I go away on holiday.

Estie Meyer

T.J is the best dogwalker ever. He is one dogwalker that really loves his job. I have 2 rotties that have been with him for 3 years this year and they love him. Conor didn't want to know him when he came to the house but he won Conor over and now he's the first at the gate when he hears the bakkie. T.J helped me get over my anxiety of having to walk my 2 big rotties and now i can even take them to the beach without getting stressed. He has a calming demeanor and handles the boys very well. He even teaches them tricks. When they hear his voice on a voice recording they tilt their heads as they know it's him. He has helped me introduce visitors to our house as Conor was very protective and didn't want anyone to come visit. I can highly recommended T.J to anyone needing help with their furbabies. No job is to big a problem for T.J. All dogs respect him. We will continue to use his services. Charmaine Moon

T.J is amazing with dogs, friendly and very helpful. He showed me in just 5 min what i should do to help me with the problem I have with my dog Toffee. T.J can help you with any problem you have with your dog's. He is someone that truly loves dog's and wants to help you. Honestly my toffee was a bit of a problem child. T.J has given me the confidence to walk my dog solo and It’s amazing. I have been with dog Walkies Cape Town for 2 years now and the service is fantastic. I see a huge improvement in her behavior and I am so grateful to T.J❤️ Louisa Ann Talbot

I rescued a thin, scared stray one night at the end of December – a Staffie cross, power breed, who I called Spirit. He initially spent a month in a shelter of a local rescue organisation Adopt A Pet – Cape Town. He was fearful of strangers and had not been assessed with other dogs. My heart was in helping him to find a forever home and I felt that living in a shelter would be a hindrance to him finding a home, given that he was wary of strangers. It is also not an ideal environment to assess dog friendliness especially for a dog that is insecure. A friend and neighbour recommended T.J to me, saying that he is a dog whisperer. I met T.J the next Saturday and on the first introduction I could see that Spirit – who was initially very aggressive towards him out of fear, calmed down after just a short while in his presence. I then arranged to board Spirit with T.J for a month so that he could become socialised with other dogs and have a more “normal” life going for long pack walks daily with T.J and the other dogs. Spirit has blossomed, and I am heartened to see him so happy with T.J and the other dogs, he just seems to get on with and love them all – be it a small Jack Russell or a large Rottweiler. T.J has an amazing way with the dogs – he is a true pack leader, and the dogs seem to immediately sense this. I have also been for a few walks with T.J and the dogs – he goes out of his way to accommodate one so that one can be a part of the journey of rehabilitation and really see it with ones’ own eyes. I highly recommend him as someone who is a caring dog lover, a strong leader who knows and understands the dogs in his care. Spirit’s confidence has grown, and he can now let his gentle side show - he has learnt that he doesn’t have to be on guard all the time. Spirit will be staying with T.J for another month as his forever home has not yet presented itself to us. Karin Reissenauer 

T.J came to see my very rambunctious Pit Bull puppies, Max and Mia on Saturday. We’re focusing on basic obedience, walking on lead and traveling in the car. My experience of T.J is that he is very observant, and passionate about what he does, loves seeing the dogs progress and I’m confident that under his guidance my busy babies will grow into well behaved, obedient, confident adults Fazlin Adams

Words cannot describe how grateful we are. I am pretty sure if you google miracle worker, T.J’s name
will pop-up somewhere, because that is what he is, a miracle worker. T.J brought our family back
together. Our two Pitties a 1 year old male-Tyson and a 3 year old female-Chana they
have been together for a year, suddenly didn’t get along anymore, they couldn’t stand one another,
which escalated to a point where the vet told us we have 3 options: 1.We had to keep them
separated permanently, 2. Give one up for adoption, or 3. Euthanise, we then went
for the first option to keep them separated permanently, which made life extremely difficult. We
separated the yard and basically the house as well. When Chana was inside we had to let Tyson
outside and vice versa and whichever one was outside would cry to come inside, as that is where
they stay…with their humans, we couldn’t walk them or take them for rides (together at least) and
just try leaving the one at home alone! It was like a very bad divorce. ☹ We started grasping for
solutions: We approached our first Animal Behaviourist that advised we get them use to muzzles, neuter
Tyson and put them on calming meds (we weren’t so keen on that option) then we can go back to
seeing her, furthermore that we will have to keep them separated as Tyson was too intense. We
trained them with muzzles, which didn’t help the situation at all and neutered Tyson, but nothing
changed. Then our second Animal Behaviourist gave us a pack of forms to complete, came and “assessed” the
situation and said we will have to do extensive discipline training with Chana and Tyson and that it
will be a long and expensive process, however we will not be able to leave them alone together
when we aren’t with them or if my Husband is not at home (to stop a fight). We thought long and hard about it and sadly wanted to opt for the adoption option as we couldn’t risk the chance of them in a fight, it was unfair towards them and extremely stressful on us. Then after 3 months of this we phoned Mimi Pretorius who works in Pitbull Rescue which referred
us to T.J. My Husband made contact with T.J the following day, after they spoke we got so excited for
him to fix our problem as we have read Testimonials on his webpage of people that had similar
difficulties. When T.J arrived at our home our babies was excited to see him, however his confidence
and calmness made us all, human and animal calm! We couldn’t believe our eyes when only after 15
minutes they were sitting next to one another without any aggression, then WE were the ones
getting anxiety attacks. T.J was calm, gentle and professional and somewhat of a comedian, we
thoroughly enjoyed the time with him. Everything still feels so unreal, we cannot believe that he has
influenced our life’s so drastically. We thank you from the bottom of our 4 ❤️, and can’t wait to
learn more from T.J. Groblers 

T.J has been walking my dogs for many years now. We have also used him to look after my dogs when we go away. There are not many people on this planet who invite my dogs to walk on the beach over weekends because it is his birthday and he wants to spend it with his furry friends.T.J has a natural way with dogs which is a rare skill. Our dogs are well cared for on outings with T.J and we are very glad we have found such an amazing animal friendly dog walker trainer. T.J is a great friend and extremely helpful .Thank you T.J. Andi Dintheer Tromp

T.J, Cape Town's very own Cesar Millan. After having my 10-month-old Pitbull assessed by a behaviourist with the intention of furthering her puppy training, I was told that she was too reactive to be included in her behavioural classes as she would pose as a risk to other dogs attending. Her feedback created serious anxiety in me which directly impacted Holly. Our walks intern became stressful and this resulted in Holly not getting enough exercise which caused further behavioral issues. After chatting to Mimi PretoriusS who works in Pitbull Rescue, she highly recommended I get in touch with T.J. I met T.J at an enclosed park the following day. TJ calmly took Holly from me and walked into the enclosure that had 19 other off lead dogs. At this point my anxiety levels were off the charts. After a short 1 minute or 2 TJ told me Holly is not displaying signs of aggression rather anxiety. With that he took her lead off. To my surprise she almost immediately integrated with the pack and relished in the experience, such an unbelievable experience for me to witness. 6 months has passed and as she continues to walk with T.J she continues to grow into the most well behaved and content dog. I am now confident enough to walk her off lead in any environment with peace of mind that she is in fact NOT a reactive dog and most of the anxiety was my own. Thanks, T.J, for your always calm & positive demeanour. Holly adores you. Claire Van Zyl 

The best decision I made was to get T.J to walk Scotty and Marmite. Both had some behavioural issues and after a few private sessions they got integrated into pack walks. Ever since they have been waiting at the gate every morning for their walkies. Every day we get home to 2 very tired and happy dogs. Would highly recommend T.J !! Elne Jacobs

Very professional and very observant, not only checked our dogs but also us for bad behavior 😂. Couldn't be more at ease now!! Great service! Kyle Zeeman

Great service. Lovely stimulating daily outing for dogs. Belinda Du Rand

Very professional and patient with the dogs! Great way to get your dogs socializing is to deal with T.J. Chantal Cook

Joined the pack for a morning walk in Constantia and could see the love and respect the dogs have for their handlers. All the dogs were having fun, played together nicely and were friendly to other dogs walking on the trail. T.J has a way with them that is gentle but firm and he clearly knows each individual dog in his care - by name and disposition. Miggy La V

My dogs have been walking with T.J for the past 2 years and they absolutely love it! Would highly recommend his services. Greg Sara

T.J was recommended to assist with our pup we adopted. His a loving sweet natured pup but extremely anxious and protective of us. When around other dogs he becomes aggressive. I took him to T.J to assess and advise me on how to correct his behavior. 
Initially he was scared and aggressive towards T.J dogs but within a short space of time with the techniques showed to me by T.J he was socializing and playing with T.J’s dogs. We will be joining T.J on his walks to reinforce what he has taught us. I have learnt so much from him. I would highly recommend T.J to anyone. Michelle Eybers

From my first meeting it was obvious that T.J was a keen dog lover who took his responsibilities seriously. I received regular updates of his regular walks - some with photographs - and it was clear that Roxy much enjoyed being with him. I can highly recommend this great local service. He is prompt, reliable, trustworthy and you will not be disappointed. Candice Engel

For anyone with a dog with social issues or too busy for regular walks, look no further than T.J, he is absolutely amazing and has such love and care for each and every dog. Our rescue boy really struggled and was very aggressive to the point where we could not walk him. After a couple of individual session with the T.J he was ready to join the pack for walks OFF LEAD. I would never have imagined we would get to this point with him. He loves T.J and Chad and would come home happy and exhausted. I can highly recommend T.J and his service. Linette

I met T.J in March 2017, I had an aggressive staffy girl that could never go off leash, he sorted her out in 20 minutes and I gave him my house keys immediately. During this time T.J and Chad have never once dropped the ball, they are both extremely vigilant, hard working and responsible and I can get on with my day knowing that my babies are in the best care. T.J is a truly gifted human with a huge love for, and ability to communicate with animals like I have never experienced. My pups are hugely socialised now, happy and carefree. I would highly recommend T.J and Chad, having them take care of my pups has been a real life changer. Cynth Kopatz

Thanks T.J for entertaining and loving my babies. Great getting updates on their adventures. Their face tells the story of a great day out. Thanks again ❤️💙definitely recommend the services of Dog Walkies Cape Town. Naydia Bleu Johnson

When I got Cassie from the shelter I could not take her anywhere due to her extreme aggression towards other dogs, within 3 sessions with T.J she was under control and the walks just helped more. Would highly recommend to any busy dog owner. Eran Visser

My dogs absolutely love their walks with Tj and Chad. I’d highly recommend them should you need someone to walk your dogs and give them loads of love 🐶🐶 Kerri Turner

I highly recommend T.J. Our insecure rescue stayed with him for a month and came back super confident. Able to walk him off lead and has turned into a social butterfly 😉 loves hanging out with other dogs. He even cured his fear of water. He swims lengths now when ever he gets the opportunity. T.J is more than a dog walker he's a dog whisperer. Thank you so much T.J for taking such good care of our boy! Kim Warrington

Theo was wonderful introducing my rescued Doberman who had never been socialized or off lead. After the first 3 walls my dog was able to go free and be a member of his pack. I felt confident that Theo was the pack leader and my dog responded well to the whole group. His helper was also calm and in charge. I highly recommend Theo to give your dog a wonderful hour out and about. Gaie Gaag

Missy and Marley love their walks with T.J and Chad. They come home nice and tired. T.J is always willing to help with any behavioral issues. I highly recommend daycare or walks with T.J. Your fur-babies will be in good hands, cared for and have lots of fun. Samantha Wood

Henry (our labradoodle) loves his daily walks with T.J and Chad. We love coming home to a happy, exercised and well socialized dog every day. Would highly recommend the services of dogwalkies! Melissa Nel

T.J is absolutely AMAZING with dogs. I first met him when he was walking a pack at Zandvlei and i was super impressed with how he handed them. My little furbaby, Watson, boarded with T.J for two weeks whilst I was away. He had such a wonderful time he didn't want to come home! best Doggy Day Care in Cape Town! Heather Hirschman

My rescue dog was a homeless chap we named him George. Was never allowed indoors, struggled socially with other dogs, etc 
We gave him to T.J after having him for 6 weeks to have him train him and he kept him for a month. He now walks off lead , good with other dogs and has better house manners. Ralph Kumbier

Grenache has been with T.J & Chad since she was 9 months and can't wait to join her pack buddies. Today she had her first swim with Archie in the vlei. If you want to enrich your dog's life and have an awesome experience contact T.J. Maglona Anne Paul

We've been sending Floyd and Kina with T.J and Chad for walkies every morning Monday to Friday. Not only is it super convenient - they collect the pooches from our house and drop them off - but my dogs looked forward to their walkies every day. Whenever they heard the bakkie stop outside the house, they'd be ready waiting at the door. They've also become a whole lot better on walks I take them. Previously I'd have to keep them on the leads whenever other dogs are around, now I let them run and play. We are very grateful to T.J and Chad. Our dogs are happier dogs 🐶❤️ Sanchia Du Preez

T.J was great in introducing Spud, a 4year old male x-breed who has spent all his life in kennels to our 2 females, one who is quite reactive. He explained the dogs body language and what negative signs to look out for. The first few days have gone much better than expected thanks to T.J's introduction. He also showed us some tips on walking our reactive dog in the neighbourhood. I can highly recommend him...he seems to understand dogs really well! Meredith Ann Kujawa

My 3x dogs love walking with T.J and Chad! They are so excited to go walking and love the variety, the swims and running about with other dogs. If your furkids need to get some more exercise and bit more socialising then you won't be sorry! Haylee Dugmore

We've been using T.J's doggy daycare and boarding services since October 2018 and are happy to report that both fur-baby and dog-mom & dad are highly satisfied with his offering. Penny comes home a tired, happy pup after a full day of fun with her daycare pals, which includes a chance to stretch her legs with a walk, three times a week. She gets picked up early in the morning and dropped off in the afternoon, taking the stress out of having to sit in weekday traffic. We feel at ease while at work or away on holiday knowing she's in the capable hands of someone who truly loves and understands dogs of all personalities. The cherry on top is that T.J's service is highly affordable. We would definitely recommend him for daycare, boarding, as well as if you and your fur-friend are struggling with any socialising issues. Sindy Louise Peters

I’ve got two rotties that we’ve struggled with for sometime. Been working with T.J for two weeks and we’ve gotten to a point we’re we can actually walk with other dogs. Matthew Deneys

Hi T.J, just to say thanks for all the walks for Hayley. You have been walking her for about 3 years I think and she gets so excited when she hears that bakkie pull up outside. I don't know what she would do without those walks. Thanks also for helping me out with your Doggie daycare when I needed someone to look after her while my house was on show. She loved the time she spent with you. I only have to say the name T.J and then her ears perk up and she runs to the gate and waits, very impatiently, but she knows that is where she will be collected. Everything of the best for 2019 from me and Hayley. Helen White Gilbert

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