About Us

Dog Walkies was established in May 2011 and has grown from humble beginnings thanks to the referrals of happy clients. Our first client was a lady with a boxer, which is a classic example of a highly energetic breed in need of frequent exercise and socialization. Over the years we’ve grown to love and help all breeds regardless of size or temperament and are proud to say we’ve never turned down a difficult case no matter how anxious, fearful, hyperactive or aggressive the dog may be, as we have the expertise to help.

We understand the challenges of training and exercising your best friend while still balancing your daily work and life obligations. We help to keep them fit and mentally healthy on a regular basis.

We provide the highest level of care and security for your dogs. We improve your dog’s confidence during walks so that they may run around freely when mingling with other dogs in a field or on the beach. As part of our walking packages, we provide a pick-up and drop-off service. Please have a look at our testimonials to see what we’ve accomplished for others.

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What we do

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