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Q: Is my dog too old for training?

A:  No! we have 100% success rate in teaching older dogs,  just goes to show we can teach an old dog new tricks.


Q: How do I prevent my dog from becoming aggressive and biting?

A: Regular daily exercise helps to get rid of unwanted energy. While playing with your dog, avoid tug of war types of games and train your dog to know the basic commands. Having your dog spayed or neutered helps as well to reduce bite-related behaviour.


Q: I have a rescue dog and she keeps running away on our walks how can I get her to stop doing this?

A: Like any other dog, a rescue will also need daily exercise but she needs special attention and more reassurance. In a case of most rescue dogs, they have had bad experiences leading to bad behaviour.  It will take time to get her to trust you. Make sure her collar is secure and keep her on the leash as she can easily get frightened. Start each walk by doing the sit command,  give lots of affection for good behaviour.  You will see results.


Q: Do you walk aggressive dogs?

A: Yes we do, as we rehabilitate them by walking individually (not in our groups).Training is given during the walk. Most times such dogs are kept on leash.


Q: Does my pet need to be up to date with vaccinations? 

A: Yes and we will need proof, especially if the dog is being walked in our group option. We strive to keep all our pups healthy and safe, and this includes getting them vaccinated.


Q: Do you provide your service on weekends and holidays?

A: Yes we are available Monday to Sunday. We don’t limit our services because we enjoy animals and know that there is a high demand for exercising.


Q: My dog is said to be unsociable. Can you help me to get him to interact with other dogs?

A: As mentioned, regular daily exercise helps to get rid of unwanted energy. The pack dynamic is a wonderful environment for pups to interact and make friends. We watch all the pups closely and ensure that each are happy, relaxed and comfortable in the pack. As with all pups it is about routine and training, and this takes time, but even the most antisocial pups can be rehabilitated. 


Q: Can you do more than one visit a day?

A: Yes certainly, we believe in regular exercise: morning, afternoon and evening if needed.


Q: Do you train and give puppy classes?

A: Our training service is based on a one to one – you, me and your dogs. I can bring some of my trained puppies with to set an example of what your puppy needs to know. I find that just as humans learn from each other dogs too learn from one another.